WAVE ACOUSTICS features a broad range of products, including various acoustic panels, for the comprehensive creation of indoor acoustic conditions.

WAVE ACOUSTICS offers top-grade and top-quality acoustic solutions which result from the passion and dedication of acoustical engineers, measurements, tests and experience gathered while designing, executing and supervising venues where the acoustics plays the crucial role.

WAVE ACOUSTICS features a wide range of products that enable implementing comprehensive solutions to acoustical problems occurring in interiors, with respect to both sound absorption and scattering. Our products, simple in form as well as ready and easy to install on your own, are available in a large variety of finishes and colours.

WAVE ACOUSTICS offers a variety of acoustic panels for absorbing and diffusing sound, designed and manufactured with the use of cutting-edge CNC tools and carpentry equipment.

Absorbing acoustic panels enable selective or broad-spectrum sound absorption. Thus, they constitute the perfect tool for balancing the acoustic absorbency in every kind of room or interior.

Diffusing acoustic panels are an excellent solution for spaces that require maintaining the existing reverberation time, giving it a unique character and significantly improving musicians ability to hear one another. Diffusers can be also used in spaces where undesirable acoustic phenomena occur, such as flutter echoes.